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The biodiversity of forest lodged flower in forests and jungles of Mexico correlate with an extraordinary wildlife diversity, because plants are the basic subtract of the living pyramid.

In only a 1.3 % of the earth that emerges from the sea worldwide,  the country concentrates between the 10 and the 15 % of the terrestrial species,  occupying the first worldwide place as to the number of species of reptiles ( 717 ), The fourth place in amphibious ( 295 ),  the second place in mammalian ( 500 ),  eleventh in birds ( 1, 150 ),  and a possibly fourth place in angiosperm ( plants with flower ) because of its 25,000 calculated species.

With respect to invertebrates, precise information does not exists, but it is known that Mexico possesses a very meaningful quota of species.

All of the above places Mexico among one of twelve mega diversity countries in the world: Australia, Brasil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Peru, USA y Zaire.

In addition to this wealth,  Mexico has important endemic  species, that no other country has:

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