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Aquarium Lobby
In November of 1992, the Veracruz Aquarium, fruit of joint efforts among state, federal and private initiatives, began the ambitious project of showing national and foreign visitors the fascinating marine and freshwater world.

From the beginning its objectives were clearly stated, to provide an ecological center deemed so necessary today, and at the same time to combine tourist attraction with family recreation.

Today, the original challenges have been met and the Veracruz Aquarium looks with optimism toward the future as an institution dedicated to education, science and enlightenment.

Run by a non-profit organization, the facilities are located by the sea side at the Playon de Hornos, young staff guides the public daily along its 300 meters of passages through the different galleries, starting at the lobby with water sprays dancing to the tunes of national and international melodies.

It is here where you start leaving behind  this "modern world of cement" to enter the real world of nature, let us start with the greenery of the Ecological walkway.

Ecological walkway
Once passed the Ecological walkway, you have left behind the noises of the mundane and gotten into the green area, a symbol of life and natural conservation.

By looking to the surrounding palms, dieffenbachias, monsteras, aralias, bougainvilleas and ferns that among others have been carefully adapted to this area, you will start relaxing and feeling that renewed encounter with nature... well that is if you ever had this contact with it before.

The water that after cascading comes down the walkway flows into a pond where you will find several species swimming slowly along freshwater turtles. But you would also watch out for the beautiful toucans that playing on their wings fly over visitors for their delight.

Now that you have relaxed get ready to go into the freshwater gallery.

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