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Oceanic gallery
Only 200 mm of special transparent acrylic dome separate visitors from these amazing creatures, all from the Gulf of Mexico, the main Oceanic gallery has a donut shaped structure with a capacity of well over a thousand tons of sea water.
In here, several species live together probably in better terms than many human beings do



You arrive to the oceanic gallery through the entrance tunnel, see floor plan, with enough seating to accommodate people that could seat for hours to watch the:

Grouper with an enormous mouth capable of devouring large prey and of changing its sex during its development,
Barracuda, agile hunter whose torpedo shaped body allows great swimming speeds,
Dog Snapper, with large teeth and insatiable appetite,
Sea Bass, the King of the Sea as it is popularly known with its beautiful silver colored body,
Ravenous Cobia, opportune predator which accompanies larger and stronger species to steal a part or all of their food,
Stingray, which we can admire gracefully flapping its fins against the sides of the aquarium tank at feeding time, and the
Spotted Eagle Ray, an impressive beauty with a gifted hydrodynamic body which instead of swimming it seems to glide through water.

Adding to the liveliness and color of the Aquarium, there are the smaller and less magnificent schools of fish like the Lookdown, French Grunts, Spotfin Mojarra, Sheephead and the Porgy. Another star in this show is the Hawksbill Turtle, in danger of extinction due to uncontrolled commercial capture and now officially protected worldwide. Efforts of institutions such as the Veracruz Aquarium in the study and conservation of these endangered species are or utmost importance.

No, we have not forgotten, the fascinating sharks, masters and lords of the Oceanic gallery.

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