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Reef gallery
A world of fantasy and color
Reefs are among the richest and most productive ecosystems.

They are large extensions of coral in forms of barriers, islands and atolls and are made up of the skeletons of millions of small animals called polyps, united in colonies can reach lengths of thousands of kilometers.

Clown Triggerfish

it is considered among the most beautiful fish of the world due to its 7 colors aesthetically arranged.

Moorish Idol

it also lives in coral reefs, it is an aggressive fish with other members of its own species.


Yellow Tang Surgeonfish


Queen Triggerfish

it is able to change its coloring according to its mood. Triggerfish are capable of moving their eyes independently from each other and emits grunts.

A real lady...

Octopus prefers environments in which it can lie in ambush, such as reefs, wreckage and submerged marine structures.

Within Mexico, Veracruz is the only port to have several reef areas on its outside, no other port in the country present such challenge to commercial navigation.

But the octopus itself must be aware that Moray eels hidden in reefs like to feed on octopus among other crustaceans and small fish.

Moray eels seem to be fierce and aggressive because they are constantly opening and closing their mouths, they do so to breathe and ...would you believe that they have been known to be friendly to scuba divers?

Reefs outside Veracruz somehow protect some of its surrounding shoreline against the pounding of sea water waves during the prevailing winds from the North during the winter season. 

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