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Video Theater

Next to the Museum Gallery we find the Video theater, with a capacity of 120 spectators, where one can enjoy impressive material concerning aquatic life, its marvel and the serious unbalances caused by human carelessness.

The Aquarium Video Theater has more than a hundred films and it is considered to be a media of utmost importance allowing for public awareness of scientific facts and understanding of the importance of preserving the natural resources of our planet.

Well, before going to our last stop into the Aquarium, the Souvenir Shop, lets go through some of the:

Educational Activities

Thanks to the united efforts of the biologists, engineers, technicians, staff and guides, a growing amount of information can be passed on to the public by means of the guided tours, dynamic educational videos, school field trips, lectures and special programs involving a variety of themes such as: submarine life, the diet and care of specimens, an aquarium as a hobby, sharks and ecology conservation.

The Souvenir Shop

Something to remember

It is also the shop that helps to create awareness in visitors towards the marine environment, when they finally arrive to the Souvenir Shop installed next to the exit, they can take with them attractive articles that make perfect gifts for family and friends out of the large variety being offered... souvenirs related to the marine life shown during the unforgettable visit to the Veracruz Aquarium.

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