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Boca del Río

  Boca del Rio, an small
  among the 210 counties
      in the state,
  is growing very, very

     strong !!!
                     and you know why? it is because it
                     lies South, next to Veracruz county. It
                     holds kind of more of the modern growth
                     in the port city of Veracruz. If it weren't by
                     the demanding growth of  the port city of
                     Veracruz, it is doubtful that Boca del Río
                     would have grown at that peace, it is
                     probably the county with most growth in
                     the whole Nation (see the numbers below)
                     and a rich one !

                     Amaizingly, downtown Boca del Río still
                     managed  to scape modernization and
                     keeps its charm as a village by the "river
                     mouth" as you can guess from the picture
                     at the right.

                     Beaches might be a bit better than the
                     ones in Veracruz city; it busts two modern
                     shopping malls, the Veracruz' World
                     Trade Center is actually siting in Boca del
                     Río grounds.
Boca del Río 1970 1980 1990 1970-1980 1980-1990 1970-1990
22,962 61,883  144,549 10.42% 8.85% 9.64%
Inhabitants/Km2 337 908  3,380