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Veracruz Yacht Club

XXXV Tarpon Tournament
June 1,2 & 3rd, 2000

(1999 Program.... as a guidance only....)

June 16th
21:00 hr. Buffet dinner, Tournament Queen's Crowning, participants sworn in
June 17th
08:00 hr. Tournament inauguration
  08:30 hr. Tournament starts
June 18th-19th  Tournament in progress
June 20th
13:00 hr. Tournament ends
  14:00 hr. Prize hand over Ceremony
Club de Yates de Veracruz, A.C., Boulevard M.A. Camacho, at M. Doblado
Veracruz, Ver. Phone (52-29) 32 09 17
Pesos $1,000.00  (abt 100.00usd) both categories included
Chevy 1999 for 1st. place
"A" SABALO:  for heaviest Tarpon
"B MAREA:    for most Tarpon caught
Tarpon of less than 15 kilos have to be released alive.
Fishing line no more than 1mm diameter

check also the nearby Tecolutla Annual Tarpon Tournament !
Tarpon Tournament ground is offshore
from Punta Villa Rica (north) to Alvarado (south)
that is between Latitudes 19o 40' N and 18o 50' S approx.

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